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Monett Community Safe Room

Max Occupancy 550
FEMA Shelter
This tornado safe room was designed to meet all Federal Emergency Management Agency specifications for severe weather and high wind events.

Tornado Protection Zone (TPZ)
The Monett Community Tornado Safe Room will be available for residents in the community that do not have basements or other safe rooms that live within what we refer to as the "Tornado Protection Zone" (TPZ). Image showing zone is above.

The TPS in which you are located is the intended tornado protection zone.  Due to estimated time necessary to reach the Safe Room after a warning has been given and the maximum capacity of 550 persons, including the occupants of the Community Center, the tornado Safe Room cannot shelter for those beyond the protection zone.

Evacuees with Aid Animals
Evacuees requiring aid animals will be allowed to bring the aid animal in the tornado Safe Room.  The aid animal shall be on a leash and kept under the owner's control at all times.  Aid animal needs such as water, food, cleaning supplies are to be provided by the owner.  The owner is responsible for the actions of the aid animal.  NOTE: Companion animals and other house pets or animals are not allowed in the Safe Room area due to the space the pets will require which will reduce the amount of space for humans.

Basic Sheltering Rules

We encourage every citizen to Shelter In Place in the event of severe weather. Seek a location within your current location rather than try to get to a remote shelter. Seldom is there enough time to go to a shelter other than the one in your own location.

Don't forget the basic rules for effective sheltering during a tornado or other high-wind event:

  • Inside beats outside
  • Below ground beats above ground
  • Lower floor beats upper floors
  • In all instances, place yourself in an interior room with multiple walls between you and the exterior.

We recommend our citizens employ at least three means of hazardous weather notification & information:

  • Outdoors - Warning Sirens
  • Indoors - NOAA Weather Radio
  • Cell Phones - Weather Notification Service

Community Storm Shelter Rules

  1. No Smoking
  2. No Alcohol
  3. No Pets
  4. No Profanity
  5. No Weapons
  6. No Illicit Drugs
  7. Children must be kept under control by parents
  8. Each person will be responsible for keeping shelter clean
  9. Noise should be kept to a minimum
  10. Once inside the shelter, you must remain there until shelter manager says it’s safe to return home.
  11. Only one small bag will be allowed by each occupant.
  12. Each person in the shelter is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere, or cause problems, for the other occupants.
  13. Any problems inside the shelter should be reported to the shelter manager immediately.
  14. All occupants will obey the shelter managers instructions while inside the shelter.
  15. Anyone not complying with orders may be expelled or arrested.